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Hey There, Lee from WeFixFurnaces.com Here

For almost two decades I've been sharing stories for businesses and this year I took over WeFixFurnaces.com. You might already know it as a go-to directory for HVAC pros that has been around since 2003.

I have a plan for it to help HVAC Pros like you.

My time in the publishing industry has shown me something powerful: the right story, shared at the right time, doesn't just get attention. It books jobs, consistently.

Storytelling isn't just fluff. It's your ticket to more business, showcasing your expertise, and, frankly, standing out in a crowded market.

Each story I craft about an HVAC company is designed with one goal in mind—to book you at least one new job. And I'm willing to bet we can do just that.

So, Here's What I'm Rolling Out for a Few Select HVAC Pros:

  1. Real Talk Interviews: I'll sit down with you (or a team member you pick) to get the real scoop. We're digging into what sets you apart, the jobs you've aced, and why you do what you do. I'll help you share with the world the service and products that make you special.
  2. Customer Shoutouts: Next, we're bringing in your fans—your customers. They'll share their stories, how you swooped in and saved the day, fixed the unfixable, or just made their day better. It's about getting those real, relatable experiences out there.
  3. Spotlight Feature: We'll turn these chats into a killer story and feature it on WeFixFurnaces.com. With this you'll be able to showcase your story as being talked about rather than constant self promotion.
  4. Your Marketing Gold: This story? It's yours to share. On your website, your socials, wherever your customers hang out. Think of it as showing off your best side, backed up by real people who've seen what you can do.

Why This Rocks:

  • It's personal. People love buying from someone they feel like they know and trust.
  • It's proof. Nothing beats hearing from someone who's already happy with your work.
  • It's yours. These stories give you something solid to show for your hard work and expertise.

Let's Make Some Noise Together:

If you're interested, fill out this form below and I'll get in touch to make it happen.


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