Gearing Up for Fire Season: My Chat with Kevin from Furnace Fellas

So, with fire season around the corner in Western Canada, the thought of dealing with smoke infiltrating my home again is NOT on my wishlist
Written by
Lee Tengum
Published on
March 13, 2024

What's up, everyone?

So, with fire season around the corner in Western Canada, the thought of dealing with smoke infiltrating my home again is NOT on my wishlist. Last year felt like living inside a BBQ pit, and I’m all for avoiding a repeat. This got me diving into the world of indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. That dive led to a super informative chat with Kevin from Furnace Fellas. Here’s the skinny for those who want the highlights without the fluff:

- Thinking about humidifiers (Aprilaire’s on the radar)

- Considering filter upgrades (eyeing MERV 11)

- Curious about UV lights (Sanuvox seems cool)

The Real Talk with Kevin

Reaching out to Furnace Fellas, I got connected with Kevin, who’s basically an IAQ guru. Our convo went something like this:

Me: "Hey, Kevin. Last year, my place was smokier than a dive bar. Got any pro tips?"

Kevin: "Absolutely. Let’s tackle this with a three-pronged approach: Add moisture, filter out the bad stuff, and kill what gets through. Aprilaire humidifiers for moisture, MERV 11 filters for the particles, and Sanuvox UV lights for the final punch."

Why Consider This Trio?

- Aprilaire or General Air Humidifiers: Dry air and smoke are a nasty combo. Proper humidity can make your home feel less like a desert and more like a livable space, even when it's smoky outside.

- MERV 11 Filters: It’s all about trapping those tiny smoke particles before they turn your living room into a haze lounge. MERV 11 filters seem to be the sweet spot.

- Sanuvox or Honeywell UV Lights: Kevin pitched these as the secret weapon against any micro invaders that make it past your filters. It's like having a superhero in your HVAC system.

Diving Deeper with Kevin: Installation Insights

Curiosity piqued, I prodded Kevin a bit more about how exactly these IAQ champions would fit into my home setup. Because, let’s face it, it’s one thing to say, "Buy this, install that," but another to understand what that really means for our cozy abodes.

Me: "Alright, Kevin, walk me through this. Say I go all in – how do we get these guys up and running in my place?"

Kevin: "Sure thing, let’s break it down."

- Aprilaire Humidifiers: "These units can be integrated directly into your existing HVAC system. It’s a seamless install. We hook it up so that as your HVAC runs, it pulls the air through the humidifier. The humidifier adds moisture back into it before spreading it through your home. It’s pretty slick and doesn’t require any major renovations."

- MERV 11 Filters: "This one’s simple but impactful. The MERV 11 filters replace your current HVAC filters. They’re the same size but pack a much bigger punch in terms of trapping particles. Installation is as easy as sliding out the old and slipping in the new. We’ll show you how to check and replace them to keep things optimal."

- Sanuvox UV Lights: "These are a bit more high-tech. We install the UV light system within your HVAC’s ductwork. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t require any structural changes to your home. As air flows through the ducts, it passes by the UV lights, which neutralize a whole host of airborne nasties. It’s like giving your air a bath in light before it hits your living spaces."

Me: "Sounds like there’s a bit of setup involved but nothing too crazy?"

Kevin: "Exactly. We handle the heavy lifting, and once it’s all in place, maintenance is minimal. The goal is to make sure you’re getting cleaner air without adding a new chore list for you."

Making It Happen

Kevin’s breakdown made the idea of upgrading less daunting. It’s not just about having the right tools; it’s about integrating them into your home in a way that’s almost invisible. The promise of cleaner air with minimal fuss? That’s a win in my book.

I haven’t made any moves yet, but understanding the installation process has definitely nudged me closer to action. Thanks to Kevin’s clear explanations, I’m feeling more informed and ready to make a decision. Here's hoping that by the time fire season rolls in, my biggest concern will be what Netflix series to binge, not whether I can breathe easy at home.

Stay tuned as I navigate these upgrades. If all goes well, my home will be a fortress against smoke, and I'll have Kevin and the Furnace Fellas to thank for it.

So, What Now?

Armed with this info, I’m in the planning phase. These solutions sound good. I'm seriously considering making these upgrades before the smoke shows up.

Me: "Kevin, suppose I get all this set up and the smoke hits. What’s the game plan?"

Kevin: "You'll be in a much better spot. Just keep everything running smoothly, and give us a shout if you need any adjustments or have questions. Prevention is your best friend."

Final Thoughts

If you're dreading the return of smoke season as much as I am, this might be our year to take a stand. I haven’t pulled the trigger on these upgrades yet, but the plan’s in place.

Big thanks to Kevin for breaking it down without making it feel like a sales pitch. For anyone else looking to beef up their home’s defences against wildfire smoke, it might be worth chatting with the folks at Furnace Fellas. Here’s to hoping we can all breathe a little easier this fire season.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this year, the only smoky aroma we’re dealing with comes from a barbecue grill, not the great outdoors.

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